The Dogmat saw Racism and Death

Much of what the Dogmat saw this week made him unhappy, especially the news from Charleston. The Dogmat is glad that the shooter's goal of igniting a race war has so far not been reached, and he is mightily impressed with the forgiveness shown by the survivors.On Racism in the American South and the Shock of the Charleston Shootings: While providing neither a facile explanation for the shooter's actions nor a facile prescription for how to prevent similar shootings, Jen Fitz provides some … [Read more...]

The Dogmat saw Causal Chains, People Burning Alive, and Real Distinctions

The Dogmat

This week the Dogmat saw dance recitals, mostly. Lots and lots of dance recitals. Or, actually, one dance recital spread over several days with lots and lots of dances. But he also had time to see a few things on the Webs.Cross on Scotus on causal series: For those who have been discussing Thomas' arguments for God's existence, here's an article that gives a nice clear explanation of the distinction between the two kinds of causal chains (and why it matters). The rest of you can move … [Read more...]

The Dogmat Saw Pakistani Jazz, Gnostics and Small, Petty Men


This week the Dogmat saw a string orchestra from Pakistan, Robert Barron on modern variants of gnosticism, Julie Davis on being petty, and a host of other things.Pakistani Musicians Play Amazing Version of 'Take Five': And so they do, although the Dogmat isn't sure the sitar (the Dogmat thinks it's a sitar) is really a jazz instrument. Two wags and a shrill yip.On Small, Petty Men and Loving One Another: Julie Davis on how she manages to defuse her worser self, with bonus C.S. Lewis and … [Read more...]

The Dogmat saw Shticks, Schemes, and Broken Gods

It was another good week for the Dogmat, barking-wise; the Internet continues to serve up the digital equivalent of postmen and boys on skateboards.I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How. The Dogmat wants you to read this one, and to remember it the next time you read the words, "Studies show...". Science is an amazing tool when it's done right, but when it's done wrong it's no help at all...and it's so easy and there are so many incentives to do it … [Read more...]

The Dogmat saw Outrage, Lies, Persons, and Art


The Dogmat saw many things this week, and all too few of them were goofy. A number of them made the Dogmat's ears itch, though, so there's that.Faux outrage, or sounding the alarm: Jane the Actuary talks about the merchants of outrage and the relationship between outrage, clicks, and ad revenues. The Dogmat has been known to bark at nothing in particular from time to time, but agrees it's no way to live.There are only persons: The Dogmat once drove his then girlfriend to angry … [Read more...]

The Dogmat’s Dictionary: Mystical Body Dysphoria

The Dogmat

Mystical Body Dysphoria (MBD): A condition that occurs when a member of the Mystical Body of Christ feels strongly that another member of the Mystical Body of Christ is an alien being forming no part of the body and who must therefore be cast into the outer darkness. MBD generally occurs because the second member is insufficiently similar to the first in terms of apostolate, liturgical or devotional preference, evangelical priorities, political affiliation, or other areas of interest. MBD is … [Read more...]

The Dogmat saw Cosplayers, Millennials, and Tyrian, O My!


The Dogmat saw strange and amazing things this week, from Daleks in dresses to Tyrian Lannister à la Walt Disney. To wit:Good news for cosplayers: McCalls and Simplicity now have sewing patterns for you: So now you can make your Dalek and Tardis dresses using patterns from the bigs instead of the smalls. Of course, real Dr. Who cosplayers make their costumes using only a sonic screwdriver and a spool of thread.Microsoft to Teachers: Using Pens and Paper Not Fair to Students: The … [Read more...]

The Dogmat: Preaching, Double Spaces, and Unfair Readings to Kids


The Dogmat saw quite a lot this week: on preaching, the post-mortem accessibility of double-spaces, the inhumanity of reading to your kids, and What Would Patsy Do?Preaching: What Works? Why Does it Matter?: Jen Fitz tells us some things the Dogmat thinks we really ought to keep in mind while preaching the Gospel.You Can Have My Double Space When You Pry it From My Cold, Dead Hands: The Dogmat favors fixed pitch fonts, and is glad that others Brings the … [Read more...]

The Dogmat is Watching You


And O! the things the Dogmat has seen in the last week!7 Hand Gestures That Make You Look Like a Real Intellectual. Alas, most of them don't work with paws.Fluffy Kitty Slippers and The Papal Nuncio. Not on the Nuncio, mind you—on the little girl the Nuncio is speaking to.Can they say that on Catholic radio? The Visitation Project can. Speaking of Rebecca French, Simcha Fisher has the scoop on Rebecca's new radio show.Personal Discipleship & the Great Library. Sherry Weddell n … [Read more...]