Duquette’s Law of Theology and Quantum Mechanics

Mr. Aristotle, he knows.

Occasionally I'll hear a speaker discussing the religious or philosophical implications of quantum mechanics. There'll be some quantum randomness, and a stray cat or two, and perhaps more worlds than the canonical Best of All Possible, and then they'll draw some conclusion from all that to support their views on the nature and possibility of free will or on the existence of God.Contrariwise, Duquette's Second Law, aka Duquette's Law of Theology and Quantum Mechanics, states that Every … [Read more...]

The Dogmat Sez

Bad behavior on my enemy's part does not justify bad behavior on my part.Bad behavior by my enemy's friends does not justify bad behavior by my friends. … [Read more...]

The Dogmat Sez

When you're a layperson, the world is your cloister. … [Read more...]