Review: Scholastic Metaphysics, by Ed Feser


Prof. Ed Feser's latest book is Scholastic Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction. I think enough of Prof. Feser that I pre-ordered it a couple of months before publication; and when it arrived I began reading it on my lunch break and other odd moments. I find that that's the right approach for books of philosophy; I can't take it all in at once, I need time to ponder and let things settle.First, some background. Scholastic philosophy is the philosophy of the "schoolmen" of the Middle … [Read more...]

The Long and the Short of Infinite Regressions

One of my favorite philosophy bloggers is James Chastek at Just Thomism. I find his posts more challenging than Ed Feser's (one of my other favorites); Feser's usually going out of his to explain Thomism (and Scholastic philosophy in general) to those outside the tradition, while Chastek's posts are more usually reflections or even meditations on something he's been pondering. As such they take longer to read and appreciate, and far too often I don't make the attempt. I've long thought that I … [Read more...]

Potency And Act, Distinguished


As I noted on Thursday, Edward Feser's new book Scholastic Metaphysics came in the mail. Feser writes clearly about difficult topics, but in this book he's going into a little more detail than in the past, and I'm finding that I need to work a little harder to dig into it.In Section 1.1.3, he discusses the concepts of Potency and Act, and breaks them down categorically, identifying all of the usual terms that relate to them and how they relate to each other. But you can't tell the players … [Read more...]