Review: Something Other Than God, by Jennifer Fulwiler

Making up the sole deficit in the present book.

This review is for the handful of you out there who aren't already aware of Jennifer Fulwiler's new book, Something Other Than God, which is her conversion story: how, after having been raised an atheist, her relentless pursuit of something that would give meaning to her life, something that made sense, led her into the Catholic Church. The title comes from a well-known quote by C.S. Lewis, and is a description of her life before she met Christ:All that we call human history...[is] the … [Read more...]

The Desolation of the Draggin’

The Anchoress wrote last week about her experience of desolation in Penn Station. She was people-watching, a favorite activity, and then everything changed:I wouldn’t presume to say that anything was being communicated to me, but I nevertheless had a glimpse — or an overwhelming “sense” — of something. In that brief flash I knew that hovering over us, near us, within us, all about us, was an awful, unstoppable ache of love and sadness; a sense of “Oh, my people! How often I have wanted to ga … [Read more...]

Review: On Food and Cooking, by Harold McGee

This was first posted in March of 2004.As I've hinted upon occasion, our favorite TV show at the moment is Good Eats, which airs on the Food Network. It's not so much that we're foodies (we're not) as that Alton Brown is both funny and informative. He doesn't just show you how to cook something; he also goes into the chemistry and physics of it. And he goes about it in a suitably whimsical way. Anyway, in Alton Brown's cookbook he references McGee's On Food and Cooking: The Science and … [Read more...]

App o’ the Morning: LilyPond


The tin whistle is a folk instrument; and the wonder and glory of folk music is that although it consists mostly of old standards, the old standards aren't particularly standard. For any well-known tune there will be any number of versions extant, with different words, slightly different melodies, different arrangements, and so on. And then, when you learn to play the tune, you're not expected to simply play it just like everyone else—instead, you're expected to take it and make it your own, a … [Read more...]

Ten Fingers

So I just saw an ad for a rosary application for the iPhone, with the slogan that you can make waiting time prayer time.Dude! I've got ten fingers. What more do you need? … [Read more...]

One Tomato at a Time

My energy level at work can be up, normal, or down. When it's up, things are beautiful. My mind is bubbling over with ideas, I'm enthusiastic about what I'm working on, every little thing I do leads on the next thing in an organic way, and I can work more or less at full speed all day long. There's so much to do, and so little time, and I fill it up seemingly without any effort at all. Those are the really good days. On a normal day things are more relaxed. I know what I'm working on, I … [Read more...]