Why Catholicism?

Two weeks ago I wrote briefly about how I came to be the Catholic I am now; and last week I wrote about objective reasons why I believe Christianity to be plausibly true. Some didn't find them convincing, which doesn't surprise me at all. Outside of mathematics, there's no argument so flawlessly reasoned that it will inevitably and necessarily convince everyone—not that I lay claim to explaining these things flawlessly. Emile Zola famously examined all of the evidence for one the miraculous h … [Read more...]

Why Christianity?

In the comments to my post on "What We Can Know, and How We Can Know It", Alex Symczak asks:Also, you can't argue me into this kind of faith? It relies purely on personal revelation? Then you have no reason to think you're following the right religion. Your justification cannot distinguish between You, or a protestant, or a Hindu, or a Muslim, or a Pagan. What makes you so special, that God gave you the correct revelation? Or are all others just lying?This is a fair question; and the … [Read more...]

Why I Believe

Alex Symczak has been visiting my comboxes lately, asking pointed questions about the nature of belief, and questioning my basis for the beliefs I've been talking about. And because he's been civil, and seems to genuinely want to enter into discussion, rather than simply sneering and counting coup like some atheist commenters I've had over the years, I'm inclined to address them.At the end of Monday's post on "What We Can Know, and How We Can Know It" I bring up the topic of faith, which … [Read more...]