Bootstrapping the Interior Life: Rosary

I actually picked up the Rosary before I returned to the Catholic Church. A non-Catholic high school friend had gone on a trip to Rome, and since I was still Catholic then had brought me back a rosary from the Vatican. (He also brought back a photo of a statue of a pope that he and his sister thought looked like me. I have no idea who it was, really.) I didn't pray the Rosary at that time; but in the year leading up to my return to the Church I pulled it out, and began to figure out what it … [Read more...]

Bootstrapping the Interior Life: Devotions

Last time I talked about how spontaneity fails, at least for me, as an approach to daily prayer. So what's the alternative? If I'm not going to sit down and simply pray from my heart at the stated time, what am I going to do instead?The answer is to cultivate a devotion: that is, a prayer that is meant to be said daily. Low-church Protestants sometimes have trouble with this kind of prayer; it smacks of "vain repetition". But as I pointed out, trying to pray spontaneously every day led … [Read more...]