Becoming Family and Encouraging the Unnoticed

Last week Katrina Fernandez, my fellow Patheoso, issued this cry from the heart: Overlooked and Dismissed During the Synod, How Single Parents Continue to be Regarded in the Church.... As a single mom, she feels isolated and unnoticed at Church. Greater participation in parish activities isn't the answer; she doesn't have enough time for everything she needs to be doing now.This led to a discussion amongst us all as to how best to welcome and encourage single moms, and members of other … [Read more...]

I’d Fall On My Face and Worship

The other day I saw a blog post (I don't remember where) in which a Muslim friend accompanied the blogger to mass, and said, "If I really thought God was in that gold box, I'd fall on my face in worship. I'd be afraid to stand up." I've seen similar sentiments ascribed to Gandhi, and the challenge is clear: if we Catholics truly believe that the bread and wine truly become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, why don't we act like it? Why don't we fall down on our faces and worship?The … [Read more...]

Community: The Fourth Pillar

The fourth pillar of Dominican life is community; and you can read all about it in my March post at Money quote:Dryness will come; it’s good to have companions to help you through it. … [Read more...]

Lumen Fidei: The Light of Faith


I've finished my series on "Bootstrapping the Interior Life" for the time being; and as I want to keep my Sunday posts for matters involving the life of faith, I've decided to spend the next series of Sundays reading through Pope Francis' encyclical Lumen Fidei, "The Light of Faith". I'm not planning any kind of definitive commentary (as if I were qualified to write one); rather, I'll be reflecting on the text in the context of the daily life of faith.Today I want to point out something … [Read more...]

The Way is Straight, The World is Wide


This post is an attempt to capture something I've been pondering for awhile; we'll see how it works out.The diagram to the right is a picture of my (or any person's) position relative to God at any given moment. God is at the center, and I am not. No matter where I am in my journey, I always have a straight shot to God. If I will only turn towards Him, there he is. It looks a bit like a target for a reason: the aim of the Christian life is to end at the bull's eye.At every moment, … [Read more...]

Practice: Living the Interior Life From Day To Day

Reading about the interior life is not the same as living it. (Neither is writing about it.) ’nuff said. … [Read more...]

Don’t Objectify Your Friends

Last week I wrote about Friendship Evangelism, a technique for evangelism that I was taught in college lo these many years ago, and that is still around. I was prompted by a wiki page on fifteen steps to persuade a Christian to become an atheist, a page I found kind of creepy; but my point wasn't to criticize the atheists involved, but to reflect that if I find it creepy when they do it, they probably find it creepy when we do it. I went on from there to talk about friendship evangelism and … [Read more...]

The Eternal View and the Temporal View

There are two ways to look at the Church, two ways that are essential for a balanced Christian life; and I notice that many Catholics I read on-line seem to give more emphasis to one or the other.The first is what I'll call the Eternal View. People who emphasize this view (people like me) focus on the unchanging things of the Faith: the Divine, the truths of theology, the words of scripture. We study these things, and we think we have a pretty good handle on them, thank you very much. … [Read more...]

Bootstrapping the Interior Life: Spontaneity

So far in this series I've focussed on things that have worked for me in my pursuit of the interior life. Today, I'm going to talk about something that hasn't worked for me: spontaneity…by which I mean, praying in my own words as opposed to using set prayers.Don't get me wrong. Spontaneous prayer is a good thing. If you feel moved to pray, to tell God what's going on, or to ask for help, or to rejoice at a sunrise or the face of your child, go to it! Knock yourself out. As I said, when y … [Read more...]