The Pernicious Effect of Corned Beef Hash

This was originally posted in June of 2003.The other night we were having dinner, and James, our going-on-four-year-old, had been given a corn muffin and a dollop of corned beef hash. A small dollop, as he was unlikely to be willing to eat much of it, and while we wanted him to taste it, we didn't want to waste it either.So James gobbled up the corn muffin, and asked for another. We told him he needed to have some hash first. We repeated this several times, as required, and went on … [Read more...]

On Puttering

This piece was first posted in February of 2003.I've been working myself pretty hard over the last month, and Friday evening things pretty much came to a halt. This wasn't particularly opportune, as we had a big party for David's birthday Saturday morning, but Jane was understanding about it; in fact, when I came home and sat down and said, "I'm wiped," she looked at me and said, "Yes, you are." So except for necessary activities involving the party, I took it as easy as I could all day … [Read more...]

Politeness in All Things

A slice of life from when my sons were eleven years younger than they are now.We are raising very polite children, apparently. Yesterday David and James were playing with David's Star Wars Lego toys, and in between such comments as "We are evil!" (said in a low, gutteral voice), "I put the girl in the dungeon with the ogre." and "Where is the girl?" "The girl is in the box." were occasional statements like, "Thank you, Darth Vader," and "That was very nice of you, Darth Vader," (invariably … [Read more...]