Mere Catholicism

So Elizabeth Scalia welcomed me to Patheos on her blog a couple of days ago, and quoted my post "Righteously Bad Theology." One of her readers left a rather cryptic comment on her post:wonderful selection, I'm Catholic patheos is taking the progressive approach...I'm assuming that some word like "glad" or "pleased" or "happy" was omitted between the words "I'm" and "Catholic", in which case the reader is assuming that I'm going to be a progressive voice at Patheos. I think this would … [Read more...]

Dissent Detectors

In Jennifer Fitz's truly excellent reflection on Pope Francis' recent series of interviews, she said something that made me laugh—because I recognized myself in it:I’m sympathetic with those who’ve been poisoned by so much wishy-washy faithy-ism that their dissent-detectors are set to 1 part per billion.Some day I might write more about my experiences in the Episcopal Church, a landscape of lush beautiful valleys cheek-by-jowl with arid chasms spray-painted green. And yes, I've acquired … [Read more...]