Active Contemplation—Wait, What?

Dripping Shower Head

I've sometimes thought that Dominican contemplation is very active contemplation, because Dominicans are active contemplatives.Religious orders are often described as being "active," working in the world, or "contemplative", praying behind walls. Dominicans, by contrast, are said to be "active contemplatives", embracing the activity of preaching, where preaching flows from contemplation. Somewhere (I cannot find it at the moment) I read that St. Thomas Aquinas looked at the merits of the … [Read more...]

The Third Pillar of Dominican Life: Preaching (Now with link!)

The next installment in my series about Dominican spirituality is now up at Money quote:For this audience, preaching has to flow from the depths of your being—precisely because you don’t have time to prepare but have to speak in the moment. And this is why prayer and study are so important. It is through contemplation that the things of God sink in, and are there when you need them. … [Read more...]

Study: The Second Pillar

Study is the second pillar of Dominican life. Read about it in my January column at … [Read more...]

Prayer: The First Pillar

I'm doing a series on Dominican spirituality over at CatholicMom; the first post is on Prayer, which is the first pillar of Dominican life. … [Read more...]