The Beauty of Gaelic

One of the things I love about Irish music are the songs sung in Gaelic. The language has a flowing, lyrical quality that I find quite beautiful, even though I've no idea what's being said. Today I want to present a sampling of pieces by different artists that I think are particularly fine.First, here's the Bothy Band with "Fionnghuala", which gives me chills. Do listen to this one; it's short, and utterly amazing.In a lighter vein, here's Orla Fallon with "Ni Na La", which I … [Read more...]

Woof Guide to Popular Music: Johnny Tarr

Here's an uplifting (?) ballad of a man with a powerful thirst.I've been listening to a lot of Irish traditional music on Pandora recently, and among the groups I've discovered is a little band named Gaelic Storm. (If you've seen the movie Titanic, I gather Gaelic Storm is the band playing to the passengers in steerage.) They aren't a purely traditional band; they record their own songs as well, and they have a way of adding their own choruses in a more contemporary style to … [Read more...]