How I Pray: Me


Tom McDonald has been doing a series of interview posts with on-line Catholics on the subject "How I Pray" over at his blog, "God and the Machine", and somehow I crept into the Machine's hopper. Go give it a look!But ignore the goofy picture; everyone knows I really look like this:(Yeah, I know, not blogging, downtime, Christmas week, yadda yadda yadda.)____ photo credit: mcn2zst via photopin cc … [Read more...]

UPDATED: I’m a Catholic Techie!

Says so. Right here.Every week Sarah Reinhard does a Catholic Techie interview at, and this week it was my turn. If you want to read Sarah saying nice things about me, by all means go take a look. Plus, you get to see me sitting in a teacup.UPDATE: Now, with link! … [Read more...]