Hedy Lamarr is a Beautiful Gal

I panned Jack McDevitt's Ancient Shores a couple of days ago (I won't add injury to insult by linking to my review); but I'm indebted to him for including a bit of World War II-era songwriting on the subject of that epic warplane, the P-38 Lighting. Here's a ditty called "Lightnings in the Sky" (author unknown):Oh, Hedy Lamarr is a beautiful gal,   And Madeleine Carroll is too. But you’ll find, if you query,   A different theory   Amongst any bomber c … [Read more...]

Review: Ancient Shores, by Jack McDevitt


Recently I sang the praises of Jack McDevitt's "Alex Benedict" series, and a reader suggested that I try his earlier novel Ancient Shores. And I did; but I didn't like it.I don't usually write negative reviews; if I dislike it I ignore it. In this case I feel I have to, since it came up in the context of a largely positive review of some of McDevitt's other book.Ancient Shores takes place "present day", when a farmer in North Dakota finds a fully rigged, perfectly preserved sailboat … [Read more...]

Jack McDevitt: Antiques in Space!!!

A Talent for War

Recently I re-read Jack McDevitt's "Alex Benedict" series, which begins with A Talent For War and continues through four more volumes to Firebird, with Coming Home due this fall.Alex Benedict is an antiques dealer on the planet Rimway about 9,000 years in our future. 9,000 years is a long time, ample opportunity to accrue just oodles of lost civilizations, abandoned space stations, derelict space ships, and similar archaeological treasures, and they are all out there just waiting for an … [Read more...]