The Deadly Ambiguity of Aphorisms

In all my years of Christian living I've often heard the saying, "God will never give you more than you can handle." Recently I've seen a couple of posts that reject this saying with great force. On the other hand, there are those that insist that it's simply true.The problem here is that we're dealing with a saying, an aphorism, a maxim: a pithy statement of wisdom. The key word here is "pithy": an aphorism is meant to convey a large idea in a small amount of space. It's like an iceberg: … [Read more...]

The Hardest Language to Learn

A friend of mine from Poland was staying with us recently, and he pointed me at this blog post which suggests that Polish is the hardest language to learn. The post includes a ranking of languages from Polish on down, and follows it with a mathematical equation to use for ranking languages.I note that the author puts English down as "easy to hard"; I can't say anything about the author's ability to speak English, but his prose is chockfull of errors. Still, he has some interesting notes on … [Read more...]