A Tale of Two Financial Collapses: More BS?


Here we have another economic meme, somewhat similar to the meme I examined recently and accused of being BS.*It's comparing two disparate regions, Iceland and the United States. It's discussing economic actions and results. It's trying to make an implicit point.So what is it claiming?Both Iceland and the United States suffered financial collapses. I don't follow the news from Iceland, but I'll take it as read that Iceland has indeed had difficulties. The events here in … [Read more...]

What’s a Meme? Let me count the ways….


In last Tuesday's post I referred to an image with superimposed text as a "meme", and one commenter justly took issue with that. He said,Well, as long as we on the subject... :) I object to calling a slogan-based statement combined with a pretty picture a "meme". It may be *intended* to become a "meme", but it ain't yet.So....what is a meme, anyway?I first encountered the term in the pages of Douglas Hofstadter's book Metamagical Themas, a collection of his columns from Scientific … [Read more...]