Words I Wish I’d Written: Ad Hoc Repairs

It was less the antique feel— the red and gold lacquer, or the translucent panels and low ceilings, styles and skins— than it was the general air of dishevelment. Dirt snuggled in corners, rust peppered surfaces, ad hoc repairs had become permanent by the sanction of passing time.— Michael Flynn, On the Razor's Edge … [Read more...]

Words I Wish I’d Written: Finding Your Dreams

For a time, great fleets of suspension ships sought to relieve population pressures at home by carting off the excess. That did not work. A vigorous age reproduces with vigor; as those whose cradles are barren are also barren in other ways. Elsetime did people search out nooks where they would be free to live as they wished. That did not work, either, for men bring oppression with them wherever they go and those who find their dreams will press them upon their children.— Michael Flynn, On T … [Read more...]