The Weavers: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Not everything Pete Seeger sang was political. Here's one of my favorite tracks from The Weavers at Carnegie Hall: "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine", with Seeger singing a duet with Ronnie Gilbert. I regret his politics, but he was capable of beauty. … [Read more...]

Pete Seeger and St. Thomas Aquinas, Together Again

It's a busy kind of day. Not for me, you understand, but just in general.I woke up this morning and opened my breviary and discovered that today is St. Thomas Aquinas' feast day. This is embarassing, because he's my patron, and I knew his day was coming up and I forgot about it. (At least I noticed in time to make it to mass this morning.) Fortunately, Leah Libresco has a post up that covers the Aquinas waterfront, and Brandon Watson has a neat post on St. Thomas' views on government, … [Read more...]