App o’ the Morning: Random Sheet Music


So I got a tin whistle tutorial by noted Irish whistle player Mary Bergin, so that I can learn to play a tin whistle the way whistle players do, instead of the way recorder players do. It's too early for me to say whether the tutorial was a good investment or not, as I've just begun working through it, but Jane says I'm showing improvement, so there's that. (If you're interested in the tin whistle, and are looking for inspiration—or, possibly, sheer terror—check out Bergin's albums Feadóga Stái … [Read more...]

App Review: ForScore


As I noted last week, I'm learning to play the penny whistle with the aid of the book "The Clarke Tin Whistle", which in size is your typical book of sheet music: about 9"x12" opening up to about 18" wide. Now me, I was trying to use it while sitting at my ease in my recliner. And I'm here to tell you, there's no way to position the book in your lap so that you can see the pages comfortably while sitting in a recliner holding a penny whistle.(Yes, I could use a music stand. I have a music … [Read more...]