CT 3.3: Bound in Causal Chains


In which we learn about chains of causes and when and why they cannot go on to infinity. Continuing my look at Chapter 3 of the Compendium Theologiae. The complete series is here.In the previous posts, St. Thomas Aquinas had pointed that when something changes, it's because some else is changing it. (Yes, that's an oversimplification. We'll talk about some of the nuances down below.) He continues,This process cannot be traced back into infinity.O, the confusion surrounding … [Read more...]

Pete Seeger and St. Thomas Aquinas, Together Again

It's a busy kind of day. Not for me, you understand, but just in general.I woke up this morning and opened my breviary and discovered that today is St. Thomas Aquinas' feast day. This is embarassing, because he's my patron, and I knew his day was coming up and I forgot about it. (At least I noticed in time to make it to mass this morning.) Fortunately, Leah Libresco has a post up that covers the Aquinas waterfront, and Brandon Watson has a neat post on St. Thomas' views on government, … [Read more...]