The Tale of the Sultan and the Sword Smith

Of a time and of a time there was a sword smith, renowned throughout the land; and that no mean backwater, but the land of the Great Sultan, for the smith dwelt in Damascus, city of steel. His blades were the equal of any in the land, for he knew well that to craft a blade both strong and durable it must be heated to white heat—and then quenched in the body of a fat slave. He had mastered this skill long since, yet he yearned for more: he yearned to produce a blade of legend, and to present it … [Read more...]


This bit is a re-run from November, 2002."From what I just read, she was enough.""Enough to be getting started with, I guess. You can't run a sideshow with only one attraction.""But what an attraction!""That's true. She was the foundation of his fortune, right enough. 'Course, she ruined him too." Hank leaned over and spat in the can by the wood burning stove, then tipped back in his chair, front legs off of the floor. "You never saw her, I collect?""You know I never did, … [Read more...]