iPad Air: First Impressions

iPad Air Smart Case

I've had an iPad 2 since they were first released, and I love it. It's sturdy, reliable, pleasant to use, and goes everywhere with me. For a case, I use the original Apple "Smart Cover": a leather lid with a magnetic hinge that pops on and off easily. The lid has four sections, and folds into a triangular tube, which you can use as a base. In landscape mode, the iPad stands up at a convenient angle; and in portrait mode the folded lid makes a pleasant grip for reading. There are magnets in … [Read more...]

Writing Tools: Hardware

I've been blogging for over ten years, but I've been doing it much more intentionally over the last several weeks. On my old blog, I'd write a post whenever it occurred to me do so and I happened to have the time. In the early days, that was often once a day; in later years, it was twice a week at most, and sometimes nothing for several weeks or months. But this is a new start, and I've made a commitment to myself to have at least one post up every day. That means doing a lot more writing, and … [Read more...]

One Tomato at a Time

My energy level at work can be up, normal, or down. When it's up, things are beautiful. My mind is bubbling over with ideas, I'm enthusiastic about what I'm working on, every little thing I do leads on the next thing in an organic way, and I can work more or less at full speed all day long. There's so much to do, and so little time, and I fill it up seemingly without any effort at all. Those are the really good days. On a normal day things are more relaxed. I know what I'm working on, I … [Read more...]

Shakers of Salt

You might have seen headlines around the web today about how Oreos are as addictive as cocaine. Slashdot has this to say:Here's how the experiment, which has not been peer reviewed and has not been presented yet, went down. Mice were placed in a maze, with one end holding an Oreo and the other end holding a rice cake. The mice, without fail, decided to eat the Oreo over the rice cake, proving once and for all that mice like cookies better than tasteless discs with a styrofoamy … [Read more...]

Fusion Reaction Breaks Even

This could be huge:The BBC is reporting the National Ignition Facility (NIF), based at Livermore in California, has succeeded in breaking even — 'During an experiment in late September, the amount of energy released through the fusion reaction exceeded the amount of energy being absorbed by the fuel — the first time this had been achieved at any fusion facility in the world.H/T Slashdot. … [Read more...]