ABC Music Notation


One of the neat things about exploring a field you know little about is that you can learn a lot in a very short time. Last week I talked about LilyPond, a nice application for typesetting music. It's a powerful program, capable of typesetting books of multipart orchestral scores. It works for me, and I like it. However, I've since learned that the world of folk music runs on a different music typesetting notation called ABC. ABC notation has been around for twenty years this month, and has … [Read more...]

Tramps and Hawkers

One of the songs I've been enjoying recently, both as listener and as player, is "Tramps and Hawkers". It's a song that was written in the 19th century by a Scottish "hawker" named Besom Jimmy. Nowadays, a hawker would be a kind of travelling salesmen; here, it certain means some kind of traveling sort, though whether tinker, tailor, beggar, or peddler I don't know. It begins like this:Oh come a’ ye tramps an hawkers an gaitherers o bla, That tramps the country roon an r … [Read more...]