Lent, Weight Watchers, and Aristotle

Chocolate Bundt Cake

I associate dieting with Lent.  Not because I equate fasting with dieting, but because of a double coincidence.  Ten years ago I was extremely overweight, and my doctor put me on a strict diet.  It was a couple of days before Ash Wednesday, and I came home and told Jane, “I’m giving up food for Lent.”  It was one of the those jokes of the “funny/painful” variety.That diet was success; I lost lots of weight, and kept it off for quite a while; but a couple of weeks ago I went to do the doctor a … [Read more...]

Also Righteously Bad

Since I posted about the waiter in Overland Park, Kansas who received a nasty note in lieu of a tip, several similar cases have popped up. It now appears that one of them might be a hoax.Now me, I don't know who's lying in this case. I do know that the message conveyed by the note is an un-Christian message, and that's what I chose to write about in the earlier case. Such things apparently do happen, and they shouldn't.But on the other hand: if someone who leaves a nasty-gram in lieu … [Read more...]