Writing Flawed Characters

I only got about a thousand words written on Watchman for Daybreak this week, but I feel like I'm making great progress.First, it's interesting to work in such a different way than usual. Usually I start at the beginning and writing the story to find out what happens; this time, I know pretty much what's going to happen from one end of the story to the other, at least in its broad outlines. Consequently, I'm writing not to find out what happens, but to find out how and why it happens. In … [Read more...]

Why Write Fiction?

Not panzer-schnauzers.  Panzer-schnauzers are tropical, and (except for the beard) have short coats.

I don't have a piece about S'Mary's World today because I'm at the point in the project where I need to stop world-building and start writing some actual stories. That's not so quick. I find it fairly easy to put together a brief encyclopedia article about some aspect of a fictional world, but writing full stories is harder, and takes a lot longer.As a consolation prize, here are some thoughts on writing fiction, and my reasons for doing it.Some folks, when asked, will say they wrote a … [Read more...]