Free Association Friday: Catching Fire

Still so stuffed with turkey that you can’t think straight? Standing in line to pay the Black Friday piper? Couldn’t absorb any of my typical gory or grandiose theology? Me neither.

Let’s play free-association Friday.

Catching FireCatching Fire, the movie version of Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games, book 2 released on November 22. Perhaps you’re tapping your foot through the trailers even as you read this. Perhaps you could care less. Me, too.

I’ve neither read nor watched them. Yet. (Wish list. Just sayin’.) When I do, I’m sure I’ll wax eloqu—, well I’ll wax. In the meantime, you tell us what other cultural or Christian themes come to mind when you think Catching Fire—the movie, the book, or just the basic concept.

To get you started, I’ve condensed four pieces that spring to my mind into . . . poetrynever mind that two of them were already lyricsthus exposing my own silliness and releasing you from any self-expectations of brilliance or perfection.

Pass It On

Remember this cute, campfire kumbaya by Kurt Kaiser?

It only takes a spark
Warm up
Pass it on

Girl on Fire

Have you seen Alicia Keys’s R&B ballad (also written by Jeff Bhasker and Salaam Remi)?

Got our feet on the ground
We’re burning it down
Got our head in the clouds
We’re not coming down
This girl is on fire

Pharaoh’s Problem

And how could we forget this one from Exodus 3:1–12 (RSV-ish)

Keeping flock of father-in-law
West side wilderness
God’s Mountain

Angel appears aflame
Bush burning
Not consumed

Turn aside
See this sight
Bush not burnt

Sees him turn aside to see
God calls Moses

Here am I

Don’t come near
Off your shoes
From your feet
Stand on holy ground

I Am the God

Hides his face
Fears to look

I see the affliction
I hear their cry
I know their sufferings
I come down to deliver

Cry comes to me
I see oppression
Now you come
Send you to Pharaoh
Bring forth my people

Who am I

President’s Problem

And finally, I had to mess with this one, too: Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire (New York: Scholastic, 2009), 20–23.

I have a problem, Miss Everdeen
You pulled poisonous berries

I guessed Gamemaker’s choice
Suicide—no victor
Or letting both live
The latter

Love-crazed schoolgirl bit
Capitol quite convinced
Not the districts

Face flicker

Trick with the berries
Girl from District Twelve
Defies Capitol
Walks away
What stops districts doing same

Lead to revolution
Released grip
System collapse

Taken aback
Must be very fragile
Berries bring it down

Didn’t mean to
Start uprisings

Prophetic wardrobe
Katiniss Everdeen
Girl on fire
Spark left unattended
Grow to inferno

OK. Your turn. Catching Fire makes you think _____

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