My Cat Reconsiders Richard Beck’s Awesome-God Critique

A couple of years ago, Tony Jones wrote, “A Challenge to Progressive Theo-Bloggers.” Richard Beck answered the challenge by pulling out an old post, “Your God Is Too Big.” Last week, a friend read Beck’s critique of Millennial’s awesome God. He said it was haunting, so I read it, too. Emmanuel and Erbil Here is [Read More...]

Hermione and Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles

“Put your glass down so you don’t choke or spill,” writes a friend seconds before she siccs Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles on me. Someone using the handle proudhousewife has rewritten Harry Potter to root out the magic. Proudhousewife’s purpose statement reads: “Recently, I’ve encountered a problem that I believe this is the solution [Read More...]

Dystopia, Fantasy and Ferguson

Here’s what I learned from Racism in seminary. The color of my skin means that irrespective of my actions, words, thoughts or intentions, I participate in white privilege. There is nothing I can do that will ever wipe out the wrong into which I was born. This does not excuse me from trying to make [Read More...]

Divergent Gifts of the Spirit

Which Harry Potter character are you? What percent redneck are you? What breed of dog are you? Quizzes pepper my Facebook newsfeed, with friends posting their results. I don’t usually take the quizzes myself, but I’ll admit to giggling or eye rolling along with the cyber crowd. Although it may not matter much whether I’m [Read More...]

Free Candy, No War, and The Giver

Guest-blogger Andrea Adams is a middle school English teacher in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her work has been published in Alive Now and other devotional and educational venues. She continues to learn new things about writing, teaching, and living. “Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth? We’ll make heaven a place on earth. . . .” [Read More...]

6 Short Fiction Stories That Might Simplify Scripture

1. Boys are socialized to acknowledge that, um, sewing is their ancient craft as much as it’s the girls’. The serpent said to the man, “You will not surely die, for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” When [Read More...]

11 Reasons Wonder Woman Is a Good Role Model for Christian Girls

1. Wonder Woman’s super suit coverage is acceptable beach attire for our mothers in our Christian mothers’ eyes (1 Tim 2:9; NB: no bellybutton, buttocks or bosoms hanging out). Bonus: ride-up threat neutralized. 2. Furthermore, all of Wonder Woman’s sensitive parts are shielded by a gold eagle. Like her, we have a righteousness-of-Christ breastplate that [Read More...]

Telling the Genetic Truth Could Get You Killed

My second year in seminary, classes were arranged such that I returned to my apartment for lunch daily and watched TV while I was eating. Because I was busy, television was analogue, and cable was expensive, my choices were (1) news, (2) talk, (3) screaming therapy or (4) soap opera. Seminary amounted to the same [Read More...]

Pluto Reduced to a Plutoid Object

In 1930 the ninth planet was discovered. A month later it was officially christened Pluto for the Roman god of the underworld, a name suggested by an 11-year-old girl. School children added Platte to My Very Elderly Mother Just Sped Up North to help them memorize the planets in order. Fifty years later, another astronomer [Read More...]

Cannibalism, Sandwiches, and the Secret of Eternal Life

From the creepy world of science-not-fiction, cannibalism made its way into The New York Times this week. Carl Zimmer reported that parabiosis experiments from the ‘50s have been revived. An old mouse’s flank was sliced open and sutured to a young mouse, binding the pair like conjoined twins. As they healed, their arteries and veins [Read More...]