Hunger Stories | New Ending

The Hunger Games is not about hunger. I loaded Suzanne Collins’s trilogy onto a Kindle for my recent 47-hour days of traveling to, from and between Burundi and Zambia. The story is well-enough told that it distracted me from the cramped seats of all seven of my Airbuses, Boeings, and Embraers. Katniss Everdeen grows up [Read More…]

Free Association Friday: Catching Fire

Still so stuffed with turkey that you can’t think straight? Standing in line to pay the Black Friday piper? Couldn’t absorb any of my typical gory or grandiose theology? Me neither. Let’s play free-association Friday. Catching Fire, the movie version of Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games, book 2 released on November 22. Perhaps you’re tapping your foot [Read More…]