What’s the Holy Spirit Doing at Comic Con?

Picture this. A row of inaudible, yet commanding TVs flashes above the stationary bikes. Behind my book, another screen counts down. Between reading paragraphs of this eighteenth-century theology of sanctification—I think my best theology on the elliptical trainer—I catch Whoopi Goldberg on TV. She’s at Comic Con. What’s Whoopi doing at the center of all [Read More...]

Priest, Shirley Jackson, and C. S. Lewis Walk into a Bar

Guess what. I can fill a 10-ounce glass from the freezer-door water dispenser while simultaneously retrieving a 6-ounce glass and a straw from the cupboard, removing a gallon of milk from the refrigerator, unscrewing the cap, and pouring the milk into the small glass—all while spilling neither the water nor the milk. You can imagine, [Read More...]