What Does LLAP Mean?

How many times did Star Trek kill off Mr. Spock, only to resurrect him? And yet—with apologies to Zachary Quinto—he won’t be coming back this time. Mr. Nimoy | Mr. Spock Leonard Nimoy, who played the half-Vulcan in the original TV series, six movies with the original cast, two episodes of Star Trek: The Next [Read More…]

What’s the Holy Spirit Doing at Comic Con?

Picture this. A row of inaudible, yet commanding TVs flashes above the stationary bikes. Behind my book, another screen counts down. Between reading paragraphs of this eighteenth-century theology of sanctification—I think my best theology on the elliptical trainer—I catch Whoopi Goldberg on TV. She’s at Comic Con. What’s Whoopi doing at the center of all [Read More…]

Priest, Shirley Jackson, and C. S. Lewis Walk into a Bar

Guess what. I can fill a 10-ounce glass from the freezer-door water dispenser while simultaneously retrieving a 6-ounce glass and a straw from the cupboard, removing a gallon of milk from the refrigerator, unscrewing the cap, and pouring the milk into the small glass—all while spilling neither the water nor the milk. You can imagine, [Read More…]