August 9: Some Freshman Wisdom

On his blog, Timothy Dalrymple wrote an open letter to college freshmen, encouraging them to become “the individual you most truly…are, the one God dreamt of when he made you—and not the person that you or your parents or friends think you should be.”  His insights included:▪ Seek wisdom, not merely intelligence: Dalrymple notes that, during his college years, he saw many intelligent people doing foolish and immoral things.  Wisdom is more important and rare than intelligence beca … [Read more...]

August 8: When Life Takes a Swat at You

After work, Lynn stopped at a New York City coffee shop for a relaxing cup of tea.   Through the window, she saw a woman walk by with a huge, fluffy, chocolate-brown dog that stood about three feet tall.  Another passerby and her small boxer dog stopped to chat with the big dog’s owner.One of the coffee shop patrons looking out the window commented, “The amazing thing is that the small dog doesn’t seem to know that he’s small, and the big dog doesn’t seem to know he’s big.”  The small dog kep … [Read more...]

August 7: Mazel Tov, Aly Raisman!

Aly Raisman entered the 2012 Olympics under the radar compared to some of her fellow U.S. women’s gymnastics team members.  In the end, however, the humble Jewish-American gymnast won three medals—two gold, one bronze—giving her the highest medal count among all U.S. gymnasts.One of Raisman’s best moments occurred during the floor exercise competition on August 7 because she was able to incorporate her Jewish heritage into her performance.  The song to which Raisman competed was the Jewish cl … [Read more...]

August 6: Backpack Bonanza

Where would any school-age child be without a backpack? They’re more than just places to store books; they’re also portable organizers and study aids.  Any child without one visibly struggles in school.  To this end, Catholic Community Services (CCS) in Salt Lake City, Utah, hosts an annual backpack “back-to-school drive,” which provides bags filled with proper supplies to children who need them.CCS’s yearly “Backpack Bonanza” is held every August, attracting the notice of many Utah businesse … [Read more...]

August 5: People are Mirrors

A psychologist once asked a group of college students to jot down, in 30 seconds, the initials of the people they disliked.  Some of the students taking the test could think of only one person. Others listed as many as 14.The interesting fact that came out of this research was this: those who disliked the largest number of people were themselves the most widely disliked.When we find ourselves continually disliking others, we ought to ask ourselves the question, “What’s wrong with me?” … [Read more...]

August 4: Finding Spiritual Beauty

When author Christopher West gives talks on Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body teachings, he doesn’t simply denounce our culture’s attitudes toward casual sex, but rather presents the Christian view of sexuality as a positive option.While discussing his book At the Heart of the Gospel on Christopher Closeup, West said, “We can’t just go out there and yell and scream about what’s wrong in the world.  Scripture says that we overcome evil with good.  It is important that we show what is tr … [Read more...]

August 3: A Blessing, Not a Burden

Older generations used to be more revered for their wisdom and age, out of respect for the ties that bound them to their family and community. Both Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have called elderly people a blessing for society.  Caring for them is as much an act of love as it is a repayment of a debt for all they have given and shared.  To honor them is a high calling, and to answer it is necessary.In “To Live Each Day With Dignity,” the United States Conference of Catholic Bish … [Read more...]

August 2: God and CPR

Seventy-one-year-old Father Tadeusz Koncewicz, a priest from Poland, was visiting his friend, parish priest Father Krzysztof Bugno, in Titusville, Florida, when they decided to find relief from the heat by going for a swim at a nearby beach.  After wading into the water, Father Koncewicz got pulled further out into the ocean by strong waves that knocked him around.Father Bugno and another man were finally able to drag Father Koncewicz to shore, but he had stopped breathing and was turning … [Read more...]