Dec. 20: Children Should be Seen and Heard

There is a Victorian saying stating that children are to be seen but not heard.  Yet according to Catholic News Service’s David Gibson, children today need to be less ignored and better understood.To this end, Gibson offers five brief but powerful truths regarding the importance of children:1. Children possess great dignity; they are signs of God.  Children embody Christ’s image inside and outside of the Church.2. Children frequently test their parents’ patience. “Willfulness” is norm … [Read more...]

Dec. 19: The Blessing of a New Family

Twenty-one-year-old Haylee Cain felt alone and hopeless.  Afflicted with cerebral palsy which affects her arms and legs, her grandfather could no longer take care of her. She was placed in an Alabama nursing home for senior citizens.Then, Michelle Eubanks of the Florence, Alabama, newspaper The Times Daily, wrote a story about Haylee’s situation.  Donna and Judson Emens, who had befriended Haylee when she was a young girl, saw the article and went to visit her.  After seeing how sad and depr … [Read more...]

Dec. 18: The 12 Days of Christmas

With so much focus on December 25, we sometimes forget that the Christmas season doesn’t end on Christmas Day, it begins then.  Nick Wagner, writing in U.S. Catholic, makes some suggestions for a modern celebration of the 12 days of Christmas:Wait until Christmas Eve to add the star to your tree.  Mark St. Stephen’s feast on December 26 by helping the poor, and St. John’s feast the next day by reconciling with others.  Make time for loved ones on the feast of the Holy Family—and revive a cust … [Read more...]

Dec. 17: An Interfaith Gesture at Christmas

Many years ago, Albert Rosen, a Jewish salesman in Milwaukee, decided to help a Christian better enjoy Christmas.Rosen called the local newspapers and offered to fill in, without pay, for any Christian who was scheduled to work on Christmas Eve.  He explained, “I see so many unfortunate people who aren’t able to be with their families on Christmas Eve.”After receiving about a dozen calls, Albert decided to relieve a bartender who hadn’t been home on Christmas Eve in nine years.  Everyone … [Read more...]

Dec. 16: Angel for an Evening

Philip Stover and Father Charles Ehrenbach were strangers stranded at the Philadelphia Airport because of a blizzard-related delay in their flight to Albany, New York.Stover noticed that the elderly priest looked confused.  He asked if he needed help, discovered they were on the same flight, and the two men began a friendly conversation.Once the plane took off and they arrived in Albany, Father Fehrenbach was stranded because his ride never showed up.  Stover drove him to the hotel where … [Read more...]

Dec. 15: A Prayer for Parents

Today we’d like to share with you a Christopher prayer for parents:“Heavenly Father, You have given to men and women the awesome opportunity to participate in the creation of life. You’ve given them the opportunity to nurture their children, and to teach them the values and skills they will need as responsible creative adults.“Bless fathers and mothers as they take on the joys and sorrows of parenthood.  Enlighten them to communicate an awareness of those things that truly count. … [Read more...]

Dec. 14: Take a Chance on Faith

Actor Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) was always outspoken about his Christian beliefs.  A friend challenged him to put his faith into action by adopting a disabled child.That conversation led Caviezel and his wife, Kerri, to China where they adopted a 5-year-old boy named Bo who suffered with a brain tumor.  They supported Bo through dangerous brain surgery, and he is a valued member of their family today.Caviezel and his wife then adopted another child—a 5-year-old girl with a … [Read more...]

Dec. 13: Giving Sight to the Blind

Twenty-nine-year-old tree trimmer John Wilkinson only had vision in one eye due to a sports injury he suffered as a teen.  Though he had adjusted to that condition, his life took a downward turn when he suddenly lost vision in his good eye.The Casselberry, Florida resident was diagnosed with a cataract, but didn’t have health insurance.  As reported in the Orlando Sentinel, Wilkinson became dependent on friends for everything.One day, his seven-year-old niece told her Girl Scout leader, … [Read more...]