Dec. 12: Smoke Signals

A shipwreck survivor washed up on a small, deserted island.  The man prayed to God for help, but no rescuers appeared.Eventually he built a driftwood hut that protected him and kept him dry.  But one day after scavenging for food, he returned to find his hut on fire.He called out in despair, “God, how could you do this to me?”The next day the man was stunned to see a ship coming to rescue him.  “How did you know I was here?” he asked.“We saw your smoke signal,” they answered.G … [Read more...]

Dec. 11: Feeding the Human Spirit

Every weekday morning, volunteers from Holy Family Church in Omaha, Nebraska, make approximately 900 sack lunches to distribute to the homeless.According to journalist Lisa Maxson, the lunch program has been running for four years—and the number of lunches required to feed the hungry has continued to increase.  For the program’s participants, the lunches do more than feed the body; they sustain the soul.Jeremiah Young, who gets free lunches a few times a week, says, “It’s so inspiring to … [Read more...]