Goodbye, Nana…

I'm sad to report that my maternal grandmother, Kathleen Ruth Warner, died this week.I'll miss a lot of things about her. She used to send me clippings from her local paper anytime there was anything about Buddhism in it. She made me laugh watching her beloved Tampa Bay Devil Rays, whenever one of the players committed an error. ("Oh, you big dummy!")Goodbye, Nana. We love you... Kathleen Ruth Warner, 94, of St. Petersburg, FL, passed away Wednesday, July 2, 2014, at Westminster S … [Read more...]

You Can Help Make the Eco-Dharma Conference a Reality!

As I previously mentioned, I will be one of the contributing teachers to the upcoming Eco-Dharma Conference & Retreat 2014, which will be held this year at the Wonderwell Mountain Refuge in Springfield, NH, from August 7 – August 11, 2014.The keynote speaker for the event will be the great David Loy, and, in addition to myself, contributing teachers include Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Colin Beavan, Dr. Kritee Kritee, Lama Willa Miller, David Stember, Vincent and Emily Horn, and Patrick Gro … [Read more...]

The New York Times and Foreign Policy on the Expanding Buddhist Violence in Burma

The New York Times reports this week on "a resurgence of religious violence [that] left two people dead and more than a dozen injured" in Mandalay, Burma's second-largest city (behind Yangon).Religious violence, which has left more than 250 people dead and close to 150,000 homeless since rioting broke out in western Myanmar in June 2012, has been a major setback for Myanmar’s transition from a military dictatorship to democracy. The government of President Thein Sein says it is trying to c … [Read more...]

Pema Chödrön Visits Homeboy Industries

This via our friend Sarit Rogers at the Lovemore Movement: Pema Chödrön apparently visited Los Angeles' magnificent Homeboy Industries this week.Homeboy posted the above photo on their Facebook page yesterday, with the caption: Father Gregory Boyle visited with Pema Chödrön last week. She is a beloved Buddhist teacher, author, nun and mother. Millions of people from around the world have been inspired and touched by her example and message of practicing peace in turbulent times. Pema Chödrö … [Read more...]

Anna North on the “Mindfulness Backlash” for the New York Times‘ Op-Talk Blog

Writer Anna North has a new post on the "mindfulness backlash" for the New York Times' Op-Talk blog. In it, she writes: [For Dr. Willoughby Britton] mindfulness in its original Buddhist tradition “is not about being able to stare comfortably at your computer for hours on end, or get ‘in the zone’ to climb the corporate ladder” — it’s about gaining insight into the human condition.She’s not the only one to question the emphasis on meditation as a path to productivity. In Salon earlier this ye … [Read more...]

The Taipei Times Reveals How Christian Organizations Are Working with Taoists and Buddhists to Influence Government Policy on Same-Sex Marriage [UPDATED]

The Taipei Times has published the first of a two-part series by Ho Yi today, in which the author "reveals how Christian organizations have formed anti-gay alliances with Taoist and Buddhist groups to influence government policy on same-sex marriage." Here's a snippet: Twenty-seven years after the lifting of martial law [in Taiwan]...the country has become one of the most gay-friendly in Asia. The government no longer rounds up gay activists, and recent polls indicate that more than half of re … [Read more...]

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa: The Tibetan Cause is “an Environmental Issue” [UPDATED]

The Telegraph has a new interview with His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, who is visiting Europe for the first time. His environmental work receives special focus in the piece. Author Mick Brown writes: In recent years, he has taken a particular interest in the environment, establishing his own environmental organisation, Khoryug, which last year hosted a conference in Delhi on water supply. Many of the world’s great rivers flow out of the Tibetan Plateau — the Yellow River, Yan … [Read more...]

Ven. Bhikkhuni Santussika on The People’s Climate March

The latest issue of Helping Hands, the newsletter of Buddhist Global Relief, features a piece by Ven. Bhikkhuni Santussika, on the upcoming People's Climate March. In the article, in which she explains the intention of the gathering to "bend the course of history," Ayya Santussika writes:  As our Dharma practice deepens, it begins to inform and influence everything we do, including how we engage with the important moral and social issues of our times. At this moment in human history, the u … [Read more...]