British Isles Cruise (Followed by Norway?)

In July, I’m scheduled to lecture on a British Isles cruise.  As a life-long Anglophile, I’m really looking forward to visiting the United Kingdom again, along with Ireland and a bit of France.  Here, for example, is a photo of Urquhart Castle, on Loch Ness:

I’m excited about visiting Loch Ness, because I’ve always wanted to see Nessie:

And this may be my chance.

Of course, there’ll be more civilized attractions, as well — such as Edinburgh, “the Athens of the North”:

And another beautiful aspect of this trip is that, the day after the British Isles cruise ends in Southhampton, I’m scheduled to lecture on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords that leaves from precisely the same port, Southampton.  No extra flying, no additional jet lag, just a relaxing night in a Southampton hotel — and then another fabulous cruise:

This is an entirely separate trip.  Either one of them can be booked separately.  However, as I explained in an earlier post here, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Norway over the years — I have family there — and I’m really pleased to have a chance to go back again.

Well, as you can see, I’m advertising.  Without shame.  These are going to be great trips.  As will be our trip to Israel in late April and early May.

I got a bit carried away with travel plans this year.  I don’t know that I can or should keep such a pace up after this.  So if you have any interest in going to these places with me, this is the year to do it.  And if you don’t, let me say this: These are such great destinations that even I can’t ruin them.

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