Israel! Norway! The United Kingdom!

This is probably the last advertisement that I’m going to do for these trips.  For all I know, they may be full, sold out, by now.

First, in July, I’m scheduled to lecture on a cruise to the British Isles with a short side trip to France.

Then, conveniently right afterwards, I’m scheduled to lecture on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords that departs from the very port where the previous cruise ends.  (Important note:  Notwithstanding the photographs below, the advertising title for the cruise — “Feast for the Eyes” — refers to me, not to the Norse landscape.  I apologize for the ambiguity.)

And the Holy Land Tour that I’m leading in late April and early May shouldn’t be forgotten, either.  The landscape isn’t quite as lush as Ireland’s, Scotland’s, or Norway’s, I’m afraid, but Israel has its points of interest, too:

Great trips.  Unforgettable places.  History, beautiful landscapes, and lots and lots of fun.  And you’ll like my wife.  I certainly do.

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