Mormons and Muslims: An Interview


  Okay.  Here's my interview with Sarah Posner for Religion Dispatches.  I'm reasonably satisfied with the way it turned out. She calls it "Romney on Israel: More GOP Than LDS," but I think the actual topic is more about Latter-day Saints and Arab Muslims.  … [Read more...]

Putting the Me in Media


   I'm scheduled for an interview at 4 PM later today -- I don't know how long it will last -- starting at 4 PM, with Drive Time Live: The Mills Crenshaw Show, on KTKK K-Talk 630 AM radio.  This program is available in the Salt Lake City area, but also apparently by Internet.  (I don't know any details on that.) I hope I make it on time.  I have meetings today at 12 noon, 2:30 PM, and 7:00 PM, so it's not going to be a very relaxing day and things cou … [Read more...]

It’s OK to Disagree, Not Dehumanize, When Discussing Religion


  Here's a Hamblin/Peterson column that appeared in Salt Lake City's Deseret News over the weekend. Incidentally, despite the caption I'm reasonably sure that the church in question is not in Cairo.  Unless it's over somewhere in the Muqattam Hills, in a location where I've never been, there is no place that looks like that in Cairo -- which is built on a flood plain at the apex of the Nile Delta. If I were going to guess, I actually think it looks … [Read more...]

Some Notes on Ancient-Appearing Elements in the Book of Abraham


  I don't believe that I called attention here to the Deseret News column that I published last Thursday.  But calling attention to new publications and lectures and events -- my own, of course, but also those of others -- was actually one of the principal motivations for launching this blog in the first place.  People commonly ask me for updates as to where I'm speaking, or how they can be notified of things that I've published, or for recommended readings.  So here's a li … [Read more...]

Texans, Do Your Duty


  Get out there and vote for Ted Cruz tomorrow. … [Read more...]

But I Thought Al GORE Invented the Internet . . .


  I've caught a bit of heat for my posted reaction to Mr. Obama's "you didn't build that" remark. Here's a nice analysis of the matter from the prominent Anglo-American political commentator John O'Sullivan with which I agree. And I continue to think that Mr. Obama's derisive references in Roanoke, just prefatory to the Four Words themselves, to people who've created businesses and been successful are revealing of his real attitude toward market … [Read more...]

Ancient Asia’s Embrace of Christianity


  I believe that I neglected to post anything calling attention to the instance of the every-other-week column that Bill Hamblin and I write for the Deseret News that appeared clear back in mid-June.  This time, we briefly discussed Nestorianism.    … [Read more...]

Trust and Prior Assumptions


  A few months ago,  a short little article of mine, entitled "Books to Build Faith," appeared in the  Insights newsletter ([2012] 32/1) of Brigham Young University's Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.  (It now seems, to my astonished sorrow, likely to be the last thing that I'll ever publish with the Institute.) The article was actually intended for a Maxwell Institute blog that we intended to launch, but that blog has been delayed for un … [Read more...]