A Couple of Songs that I’d Almost Forgotten About



I don’t know why, but these two pieces — from the time, eons ago, when even I was still quite young — suddenly came back to me the other day:






I was and still am a big fan of Peter, Paul, and Mary.  And of Joan Baez.  (Mimi Fariña was Joan’s sister, and that becomes apparent when you hear her voice.)


Google and the internet are such wonderful, wonderful things.  Together, they can be a kind of time machine back into deep nostalgia.  Which is good, I guess . . .



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  • chris kite

    I bet you followed Peter, Paul, and Mary religiously!

    We once had a bishopric of Peter, James, and John with some sisters who sang almost as well as St Joan of Baez.

    • danpeterson

      We had an English professor here, recently retired, whose name is — really — William Shakespeare.

      I think he had very little choice as to careers.

      His license plate, on his car, was “The Bard.”

  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    In the Air Force I met Captain Marvell and Colonel Sanders. I avoided the Navy because I would have spent two years as Ensign Swenson.