A Jesuit Reads the Book of Mormon



Harvard University


Francis X. Clooney S.J. provides a sympathetic reading of 3 Nephi in America: The National Catholic Weekly.  (My thanks to Bill Hamblin for calling this to my attention.)  And there are two previous installments of his reflections on the Book of Mormon, which I haven’t yet read.  (The links are provided in this latest article.)


Father Clooney is a professor at Harvard Divinity school and the author, most recently, of Beyond Compare: St. Francis de Sales and Sri Vedanta Desika on Loving Surrender to God (Georgetown University Press) and The Truth, the Way, the Life: Christian Commentary on the Three Holy Mantras of the Srivaisnava Hindus (Peeters Publishing). He was the first president of the International Society for Hindu-Christian Studies and, from 1998 to 2004, the coordinator for interreligious dialogue for the Society of Jesus (i.e., the Jesuit Order) in the United States.


My friend Mike Parker is correct in noting that, “As is typical of this sort of thing, the comments aren’t worthy of the article.”  But he singles out the second comment as an anomalous violation of that rule:  In it, P. J. Johnston suggests that “Someone should coin a new logical fallacy and call it the argumentum ad Mormonum (defined as an argument wherein Mormonism is a magical exception to the normal rules of human courtesy instilled by their parents in children of good upbringing which otherwise apply without exception).”



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