A Potentially Historic Photo?


Participants in Sunday night’s meeting of the Academy for Temple Studies in Logan, Utah


I’ve already mentioned the meeting, held on Sunday night, in which a number of us gathered to discuss ways to further temple studies in North America.  Above is a photograph — perhaps, if the effort goes well, it will someday be viewed as of at least minor historical significance — of the participants in that meeting.


From left:  William Hamblin, David Butler (yes, he really is that tall), Gary Anderson (one of the prime movers of the Academy for Temple Studies, in whose legal offices the Sunday night meeting was held), Steve Densley Jr., Gordon Thomasson, Deborah Peterson (peeking in from her hiding place in the back), Daniel Peterson, Laurence HemmingLeGrande Davies, John FowlesGeorge Mitton, Jacob Rennaker, Robert Smith, Margaret Barker, Bryce Haymond, Danel Bachman, Philip Barlow, John Welch, and Jeffrey Bradshaw.


Starting around 8 AM on Monday morning and going until roughly 6 PM, the actual symposium of the Academy for Temple Studies was held on the campus of Utah State University.  There were something on the order of four hundred (400) people in attendance.  Many had to be turned away for lack of seating.  It was a promising launch.


The proceedings of the conference will eventually be published.



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  • http://www.believeallthings.com Believe All Things

    Look forward to seeing the published articles. Thanks for sharing – very significant in so many ways.

  • FrancisE

    Hi Dan, it might just be “a potentially historic photo” for you, but for me it is HISTORIC!
    Thanks for sharing this, I can’t to read the articles, hope they’ll be published in the Interpreter (journal)?

    • FrancisE

      oh! I meant to write that: I can’t wait to read the articles.

  • danpeterson

    It’s possible that Interpreter will play a role in publishing the proceedings — though probably as an independent volume. There’s been some talk about the question. It depends, to some considerable extent at least, on money and manpower. Interpreter is still in its infancy, and is still short on both.

    • FrancisE

      thanks for the response – except its difficult & expensive to ship most of these publications to Nigeria, hence people like myself rely heavily on online publications.
      Notwithstanding, thanks for all your efforts & help.

      • danpeterson

        Well, we’ll see how this all works out. Interpreter is dedicated to being overwhelmingly an online presence.

  • http://joelsmonastery.blogspot.com Gerald Smith

    Awesome news, Dan. I’m sure if Interpreter needs help in transcribing, there are many of us who would be willing to help. Let me know, as I’ll be glad to assist in it if needed.

  • joe etheridge

    Sandy delayed our return to NC, but we made it back @245am this morning after the 3hr drive home from Raleigh.

    we arrived in SLC early Sat and stayed @ City Creek. what an experience that was as we ended up staying 4 days in SLC and 1.5 in Logan.

    the conference was really a treat, though i wish it hadn’t of “seemed” so rushed, which in my mind displays the amount of interest & material there is on this subject to work through. never reading or hearing Mr. Hemming before, it was with much interest as i listened to his talk, not only of what he said…….but what i felt he might have to say on certain aspects? we saw him in Nauvoo Cafe on Tues with a bunch of folks huddled around his table for lunch……would have been neat to have heard some of that conversation i imagine???

    My wife was able to have Mrs. Barker sign her book that Mrs. Barker wrote on Angels, to which Mrs. Barker remarked to her that it was her favorite book she has written…….and she took my Wife’s book and went and showed her friend a picture in the book of wear angels are flying with the US air force.

    all of the speakers gave talks laced with many familiar themes, while at the same time also things to do much reading upon.

    on our drive back to SLC from Logan, we stopped & viewed the Logan Tabernacle & Temple, just amazing designs & beauty. then on to Brigham City’s new Temple which too was very Beautiful and looked to be very Busy quite early Tues Morning. Brigham City was a charming looking village, wish we had of had more time there!

    anyway, we where most impressed with all aspects of our trip and we hope to be able to attend the next Conference here in the states.


    ps….Like Mrs. Barker, being from the coast of NC……we where Sudafed’d up & Hall’s Cough Dropped to the gills! we had not anticipated that!!!

    • danpeterson

      Glad you enjoyed the conference!