A Sampling of Obama Voters on Hollywood Boulevard


“I’m a doofus, and I vote!”


When reflecting on CBS’s snap poll, taken soon after the presidential debate, showing that a (smallish) majority of viewers believed that Mr. Obama won on Tuesday night, keep this in mind.


On a similar note:   Many years ago, I was watching television in Toronto.  The show I was watching had sent a reporter out onto the street to interview John Q. and Jane Public regarding a new policy enacted by the city council.  Opinions were strong.  Several of those interviewed had, they said with disgust, actually campaigned on behalf of the city councilman who had proposed and sponsored the new policy, but they vowed that they would never vote for him again.  Unfortunately, though, both the city councilman and the new city policy were pure fiction.  Neither one existed.


If I were caught in one of these programs, and were my face ever shown on national television in such a context, I would have to change my name, seriously consider plastic surgery, and move to the Australian outback.  I could simply never show myself in public again.  If there’s a second Obama administration, though, one of these people is likely to be appointed White House press secretary .



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  • John Ziebarth

    Spending a month in Europe this summer, all I could find for news was BBC, Al Jazeera and RTI- Moscow news [forgive my spelling]- and guess what? They all three sounded like the cheering section for Obama. Yeah!