An Apology



On most days, I receive anonymous hate mail.  Almost always by email.  Sometimes several pieces per day.  I’ve even had to report death threats to the local police a couple of times.  (There’s nothing that they can really do, of course, but, if something ever actually happens, I want them at least to have a few potential suspects already in their files.)


Today, somebody managed to post a pornographic image on my Facebook page.  It included the name of another person who has been publicly linked with defense of Mormonism, so I doubt that this was a random event.  I don’t think the image was there for very long; fortunately, I was alerted to it by a kind person who had noticed the thing, and I believe that I’ve managed to remove it.  (I’m on Facebook, but don’t really use it much and know even less about it.)


I don’t expect this to be the last occurrence, though.  And, for today’s episode as well as for future ones, I apologize.



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  • FrancisE

    am so sorry to hear this, but such is the world we live in (with it vices)… and oh, little wonder why you haven’t replied my messages (about SMPT), try reading your facebook mails…
    anyway, sorry that such absurdity was posted on your wall – they can’t stop the work from progressing

    • danpeterson

      Sorry. I’ll try to find them. Please know that it’s not personal.

  • Ashley Oviatt

    I believe there is a setting that disables allowing someone who tags you in a photo from being shown on your wall. I’ll look it up and let you know. The problem is that the default setting is set to allow anyone to tag you in a photo, friend or not. Then, once you’re tagged, it will put it on your wall. It’s an unfortunate part of the virtual world. They should allow you to verify you are in a picture before it goes on your wall.

    • danpeterson

      Thanks. It would be really nice, obviously, to have somebody around here who knows something about Facebook!

  • Gail Smith

    You are part of what makes BYU a shining city on a hill. Thanks for your wonderful contribution to
    that which is good.

    • danpeterson

      You’re extraordinarily kind. Thank you.

  • Rozann

    You must be something right for the Enemy to be so concerned about you! Keep up the good work.

  • Joe Steve Swick III

    No need to apologize for other folks’ dumpidity or lack of class/common sense. Just “Keep Calm and Carry On,” as the current meme goes.

  • Ashley

    There is a place to control this behavior in Facebook. Click on the little arrow next to Home in the top right of your facebook page. Then click on Privacy settings.

    In the next screen, there is a section called Timeline and Tagging. Click on edit settings to the right of that.

    This brings up a setting called “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline” Enable that and it will ask you from now on to approve when you are tagged in a photo. So only the ones you approve will be added to your wall or timeline.