“Barack Obama: Slacker in Chief” and “Corruption of the First Order”



Actual visual proof of mainstream media hostility to Mitt Romney


I’m not sure why the facts reported in this column and a few other places don’t seem to concern more Americans or, for that matter, more American journalists.  (I personally find them extremely disconcerting, if not horrifying; a president’s first and foremost duty is national security.)  By contrast, for instance, George W. Bush, so deeply despised by elite opinion-makers and by most journalists, apparently missed very, very few intelligence briefings.


It’s such media indifference, such failure to ask critical questions (also, e.g., in connection with the apparent Obama Administration cover-up regarding events in Benghazi, Libya), that recently led Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell (who has, in the past, worked for George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Gary Hart, Joe Biden, and Jerry Brown) to label the mainstream media the “enemy of the American people,”  and, along with fellow Democrat Douglas Schoen (who has, in the past, worked for former New York mayor Ed Koch and for both Bill and Hillary Clinton), to describe overall media bias for Barack Obama as “corruption of the first order.”



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