Barack of Benghazi


This is one of the most appalling situations that I’ve ever heard of.


I strongly suspect that the presidential race would be over right now if the mainstream media were giving adequate coverage to the Benghazi scandal(s).


I had a phone call today from a friend who spent many years in the military and still has good contacts in responsible and relevant positions.  Some of what he told me today, based on his personal experience and sources, badly needs to get out.  But the Obama administration is stonewalling, and is being assisted in this by the mainstream media.


But the mainstream media are, as even Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell forcefully points out, not doing their job.  Not even remotely.


Which means that there’s going to have to be a grass roots, guerrilla campaign by ordinary concerned people via the social media and every other means of communication that can be found, including simple word of mouth.



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  • Nathan000000

    If I were to post just one link/article that summarized the situation with the most salient, irrefutable evidence and the clearest explanation of just how serious this is, from a relatively persuasive/accepted source, what link/article would you recommend?

    • danpeterson

      I’m thinking.

      I’m not sure which single article, if any, would be the best. For one thing, the story continues to morph. There were new disclosures just a few minutes ago.