Benghazi: Far Worse Than Even I Had Thought


A photo could hardly

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would be too risky.

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The disclosures about the murderous attacks in Benghazi continue to grow more and more appalling:


I become literally sick to my stomach when I consider the plight of these heroic Americans, alone and apparently abandoned by their country for the last six terrifying hours and twenty minutes (!) of their lives.


It wouldn’t matter to me if this were the Bush administration or a Romney administration.  It would still be disgusting and horrific.


But the fact is that it’s the Obama administration.  And the American people should know about it.  And they should be demanding answers.  If there’s a good reason for what happened in Benghazi, I want to hear it.  If there’s not, there ought to be firings.  If there aren’t, Barack Obama and Laughin’ Joe Biden should be sent packing.


No more cover-ups.  No more misdirection.  No more flat-out lies.


The stone-walling and the cover-up and the false stories — American intelligence personnel were watching video in real time of the events in Benghazi from surveillance drones; they knew full well right away that this was an organized attack (with mortars, etc.) and not a “spontaneous demonstration” against a silly video — are offensive; the handling of the attack itself, as (no thanks to the administration) we learn more about it, seems to have been, at the very best, staggeringly incompetent.  And lethal.


The Obama administration is, in my judgment, a clear and present danger to our national economy.  It’s a disaster in terms of foreign policy.  But, if its domestic and international failure isn’t enough to motivate you, consider this new Obama ad as a specimen of what it’s doing to our culture:


(Incredibly, the ad seems to have been modeled on an earlier campaign ad for none other than Vladimir Putin.)


Don’t just stand by.  We have less than two weeks before a very, very, very important election.


I’ve already supplied very specific and practical information for getting involved.


Here’s more:


Nevada and Colorado are shaping up to be pivotally important states in the presidential race.  It’s conceivable that Governor Romney could win the popular vote and still lose the election in the Electoral College.  Nevada and/or Colorado could easily be the key.


Barack Obama has spent twice as much on campaign workers and on his ground game in the various states as Mitt Romney has, and Governor Romney has to make up the difference with volunteers.  Fortunately, the Romney campaign is sending busloads of volunteers to Nevada from Arizona, California, Idaho, and Utah.  The Romney campaign will provide free food and lodging for these volunteers.


Now, it so happens that there are — I know — lots and lots and lots of enthusiastic Romney backers in states very close to Colorado and Nevada.  So these two states, my regional friends, are our responsibility.  We can have a real impact in the Rocky Mountain and Great Basin West.


Here are links with information about the bus trips:










Please.  Make some calls.  Knock on some doors.  Talk to some family members and friends.  Persuade somebody who’s undecided.  Encourage somebody to vote who might otherwise not do so, and to do it for the right candidate.  Drive them to your polling place on Election Day.  If nothing else, kick in another ten bucks.


We’re in the home stretch.  It’s been an exhausting long-distance race, but now we’re in the final sprint.  Let’s redouble the effort.  Let’s end it in grand style.  Let’s make a statement.



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  • Mark Peterson

    There is much more to Benghazi than anyone has imagined.
    Listen to the first 9 minutes here:

  • Mark Peterson

    FYI, it is a podcast of the John Batchelor Show last night and an interview with former CIA member, Larry Johnson.

  • Stan Beale

    Too many people read too much crap on the internet and believe it to be true. I think a few of you have difficulty with reality and have read a little too much World Net Daily. Next we will hear that Obama’s wedding ring proves that he is a Moslem. Even Geraldo believes the” drone incident” is a pile of offal.

  • Markelle SargentHarden

    Agreed. We have to get a man out of office who puts ‘politically correct’ decision makers in place like Leon Panetta. I think that if you hate America (or hate the 50% that won’t vote for you), and you pander to the pacifists, Benghazi was just a scenario waiting to happen under this administration. What makes me sick is how many of his supporters are going back to ‘Well he got Osama’. No, getting Osama had been in place before he arrived, he simply was in the right place at the right time. As the World’s Wisest Man says, Doherty & Woods did not wait for the right answers, they just WENT. And Obama & Panetta went too, the went to bed in their safe homes while Doherty & Woods were being zippered up into a body bag.