Benghazi is Perhaps Sufficient Reason in Itself to Throw the Rascals Out


Will the mainstream media begin to do their job on this matter?


I continue to be appalled by what we’re learning about events in Benghazi on 11 September.  And, if the reports that I’ve been hearing are even close to accurate, I think the whole country should be appalled.  Here are three valuable items that deal with the topic:


Mark Steyn, “The Incredible Shrinking President”


David French, “Inexcusable Failure in Benghazi”


Kyle Becker, “Joe Biden Offends Father of Slain Seal” (warning: Laughin’ Joe’s comment is, as his comments often are, somewhat crude)



"Faking It"
Of humans and dogs
"How cemeteries and smartphones play a role in family history"
"The Scholarship of Hugh Nibley and John Sorenson: The Myth of Non-Respectability"
  • Strategoi

    What made the pentagon deny the guys the support and approval they needed to fight the terrorists off??

    • danpeterson

      George W. Bush. Undoubtedly.

      • Nathan000000

        Ha ha!

  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    Surely there is a public record of where President Obama was and what he was doing during this crisis, that was, in his judgment, more important than knowing about an armed attack on America’s official representatives in Libya. Was he golfing? Appearing on a talk show? Raising money for his campaign? Either he was in the White House situation room, or in the cpunterpart on Air Force One, and in charge of the debacle, OR he was out of touch. If he was out of touch, he was either intentionally ignoring the crisis or has allowed the government to operate without notifying him. ALL of the alternatives show him to be totally unqualified to serve as Commander in Chief, despite four years of on-the-job training.