“BREAKING: October Surprise — Iran Agrees to Nuke Deal with US”


In our time, no less


This is truly exciting news, and — though it will probably give the election to Mr. Obama — really does represent an historic achievement.


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  • Rick Anderson

    Until there’s a formal apology for “Video Killed the Radio Star,” my own personal nuclear strategy will continue apace. Are you listening, State Department?

  • logitech

    Even this satire reinforces the propaganda. The first line “Iran has agreed to abandon its nuclear-weapons program” is based on the unproven premise that Iran has a nuclear-weapons program for which there is insufficient credible evidence.

  • Strategoi

    We’re all bluffing in this deadly game of war, double talk, and diplomacy. Iran is bluffing to get its way using N. Korea as a model, and US and the Israelis are playing good cop bad cop in this case.


  • http://www.davesagegallagher.blogspot.com Sage

    But Obama says it is not true during the debate.

    • danpeterson

      Meaning it’s precisely as true as it ever was.

  • joe etheridge

    it’s been patently demonstrated time & again that the Main Stream Media will not confront the POTUS & his Admin when they talk out of both sides of their mouth. this Libya debacle just re-emphazies this fact right on the doorstep of the Nov election.

    many are troubled by the Romney camp not taking Libya to the POTUS last night? but, recent polls show Romney momentum building even as the Main Stream Media down play & neglect all the untruthfulness surrounding Libya per the Admin’s numerous attempts to “inform” the public. IMO, Romney Camp decided that after the last debate’s Moderator came running to defend the POTUS on Libya, that even with all the “help” the Admin was receiving on Libya, Romney was still gaining ground with (women & undecideds)…..so they chose that old cliche’…….if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it……and let the Admin continue to dig their own grave on Libya. it does look like the conversation on Libya will come front & center before the election as the “intel” reports now come to light?