Evil Spirits in My Computer


No photo here.

It’s safer this way.

Just imagine something.

Something relevant.

Or not.


A note on the illustrations on my blog:


I am — let’s be totally straightforward about this — a computer illiterate.  I have a hard time turning my computer on.  I can move a cursor and click on a mouse, but what happens thereafter is absolutely mystifying to me.  I think there are little jinn inside; most of the time they’re well disposed toward me, but occasionally, and unpredictably, they turn on me with mischievous ill will.


One of the things they’ve been doing, off and on, since I began blogging, is that they intervene whimsically to change photos that I’ve posted to accompany earlier blog entries.  A photo from one post is suddenly, and for no apparent reason, substituted for a randomly chosen photo in another post.  Sometimes this is amusing — I especially like the image that appeared sometime last night, of my friend and BYU colleague Jim Faulconer sporting a nifty beard, dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, and looking remarkably like the Ft. Hood shooter, Major Nidal Hasan — but usually it’s just irritating and, when I try to correct it, time-consuming and even, not infrequently, an exercise in frustration and futility.


I just want you to know that I’m not the person doing this.  It’s the gremlins who live in my microprocessor.  Or whatever the #$%&@%& that thing is called.



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  • Jim F

    I missed that. I hope the resemblance wasn’t too close.

    • danpeterson

      You two look amazingly alike, provided enough changes are made.

  • Stephen Smoot

    Maybe instead of jinn your Malevolent Stalker has hacked your computer.

    In either case, an exorcism of some sort is sorely needed.

  • Sikh Anon

    Gremlins have a code of silence. They muddle pictures with pleasure.