Fostering Interreligious and Intrareligious Discussion, Debate, and . . . Yes, Friendship



I would like to call attention to a relatively new organization called the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy.  I’ve been involved in it for some time now, though my contribution has been limited at best.


However, it seems that I’m about to step up my level of participation, and, in any case, important new developments will be occurring within the Foundation.


Here is the Foundation’s website as it currently appears:


Those of you who find interreligious issues interesting, or regard relations between different faith communities (and between those communities and the various kinds of unbelievers) as important, may want to keep an eye on this group.



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  • Strategoi

    Could this organization set out ground rules for talking?

    • danpeterson

      That’s one of the things it’s doing.

  • Nathan Richardson

    I contacted the organization via email a few months ago and explained my background and interest. She said that at the moment, they were just getting organized and didn’t have any events planned, but that she would get back to me when there was something I could be involved in. I haven’t heard back since, but I really hope to be involved as much as possible. My wife and I were involved in Bob Millet and Greg Johnson’s interfaith dialogues at BYU, and even hosted 5 dialogues in our home. We would love to be involved further!

    • danpeterson

      Please feel free to drop me a note via email. (My address is easily available on the BYU site, so I don’t see much harm in repeating it here: I would like to involve a wide range of people.