Is Barack Hussein Obama Really a Muslim? (Part Two)


For all my Muslim friends


A couple of days ago, responding to literally thousands of (imagined) requests, I answered the question “Is Barack Hussein Obama really a Muslim?”


Now, I provide more commentary on the matter:


If he were, I wouldn’t care.


(Apart — of course — from the clearly implied deception on his part, if he were but had hidden it.)



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  • Rozann

    Well there are many who do care, as there seem to be factions of Islam that appear to be descendants of the Gadianton Robbers, and they are in high places and have almost daily access to the White House.

  • Dr. Harry Merl

    You are quite suggestive(see the mail of rozann)
    Would You care if he is is a christian.

    • danpeterson

      What have I suggested?

      I’ve said, as clearly as I can, that I don’t believe him to be a Muslim and that, if he were, the mere fact of his being a Muslim wouldn’t bother me.

      I don’t think I can be any clearer than that.

      I would be fine if he were a Christian, too. I’m not sure that he really is, but he may be, and that’s okay. Every American president thus far has been, at least in name, a Christian. I’ve voted for several of them, and I’ve voted against them, too.

  • Sikh Anon

    Thanks for your work that helps me see what people should be if they call themselves Muslim or Christian. As Elton John would say, where to now St Peter(son)?