Is Barack Hussein Obama Really a Muslim?



Shaykh Barack Hussein Obama
(courtesy of the investigative reporters at PhotoShop)


No.  He’s not.



The trouble with reality
"You deserve Hillary's bloodless, condescending campaign"
New Testament 140
New Testament 141
  • D. Michael Martindale

    Correct answer: WHO CARES?!?!

    • danpeterson

      Sheesh. You’ve preempted my planned next post on the topic.

      • Wendell

        Well, if it were true there would be some reason to care, because he has publicly and consistently denied it. I don’t think he is, but after denying it this long, why the subterfuge?

  • Steve Funk

    One of my favorite posts! Short, to the point!

  • Kent G. Budge

    D. Michael Martindale has a point. With so many excellent reasons to oppose Mr. Obama’s reelection, why is anyone worried about his religious affiliation?

  • CZ

    Separation from church and state and anything else that would cause anyone to be presecuted for their religious beliefs. This is part of what makes America.