It’s Crunch Time


Visual proof that Clint Eastwood was Barack Obama’s debate coach.


The Romney-Obama debate last week demonstrated pretty decisively that rumors of Governor Romney’s political demise were greatly exaggerated.  (For Saturday Night Live’s parody of MSNBC’s hysterical reaction to the debate — funny, and uncannily accurate, though a bit crude at a couple of points — see here.)


We’re now in the home stretch.  And, just as there was no reason to despair, there’s now no justification for Romney supporters to be complacent.


Donations would still be enormously helpful.  Even small ones.  Most can surely spare five or ten bucks.


You can make calls to get out the vote, even from your own home.  Please go to the Romney-Ryan campaign website to find out how.  The turnout is going to be critical; the ground game is crucial, and an effective ground game requires people.  There is no substitute.  And, please, remember how the Bush-Gore election came down to a few voters in Florida.


Identify at least one friend, acquaintance, or relative who’s currently disinclined to vote.  Persuade that person to go to the polls for Governor Romney.  This is a pivotal election.


If you’re feeling even more ambitious, identify a friend, acquaintance, or relative who’s supporting Barack Obama.  (Amazingly, such people do still exist, and in dangerously high numbers.)  Persuade that person of the error of his or her ways.  If you can turn an Obama voter — admittedly, it’s a harder task than simply mobilizing the indifferent — that’s equivalent, in a sense, to two votes:  Mr. Obama loses one, and Mr. Romney gains one.


Persuade friends, acquaintances, and relatives to donate, to become active in this race.  There are still several weeks to go.  Much can be done.


Think globally, yes, but act locally.  If Romney supporters move on a mass scale between now and election day, Governor Romney will win, and the Obama administration will be retired.


Put a yard sign out.  Slap a bumper sticker on your car.  Visit some of your neighbors.  Post a pro-Romney statement on your blog, if you have one, or on your Facebook page.  “Like” and “share” Patrice Pederson’s “Get to Know Mitt” page.  Share pro-Romney videos.  There are lots of them at the official Romney-Ryan campaign site, at the Republican National Committee website, and elsewhere.  Share this impressive list of “Economists for Romney.”


And, in the unlikely event that you’ve already maxed out your legal contributions to the Romney campaign, don’t forget pro-Romney PACs such as Restore Our Future and Ending Spending.


Finally, above all else, vote!


(On the other hand, if you’re an Obama supporter, don’t forget that the election has already been held, that it’s been postponed until 29 February 2013, and that your polling station is in the county next door, at Solyndra corporate headquarters.)



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  • John Talbot

    Or how about _ad Mormonem_, for those of us whose instincts lead us to think the declension should go _Mormo, Mormonis_?

  • Andrew Cook

    You just inspired me to donate to Mitt’s campaign.

    • danpeterson

      “Have I done any good in the world today?”


      Thanks for contributing.