More on Obama-Biden and Benghazi


Benghazi, Libya, on 11 September 2012,
after a tea party protest apparently got out of hand


An addendum to my take on the second presidential debate, which I posted last night:


Candy Crowley, casting aside, for the moment, her assignment as moderator in last night’s presidential debate, corrected Mitt Romney regarding Libya and the administration’s response to the recent lethal assault on the American consulate there.  President Obama, she informed Mr. Romney to the audible (and rule-violating) pleasure of the allegedly uncommitted Hofstra University debate audience, had in fact pronounced the Benghazi killings acts of terrorism just the day after.


Here, though, is a full and complete transcript of his remarks on that occasion.


Interestingly, nobody — and, specifically, no journalist — seems to have thought that he was declaring the Benghazi attack “terrorism” on that day.  And that includes Candy Crowley herself, who, nearly three weeks after the event, was wondering why President Obama had taken so long to acknowledge the true character of the armed assault in Libya.  (My reflections on the debate from last night, linked above, suggest an explanation.)


Here is an important piece from Forbes, published three or four days ago, outlining some of the many, many problems in the Obama administration’s handling of, and response to, the Benghazi tragedy. In that context, too, this article from the Washington Post, on Vice President Biden’s misrepresentation of the situation in Syria during the vice presidential debate, becomes relevant.   (Mr. Biden also misled his debate audience regarding Libya.)


And here, by the way, is an interesting column on the global unraveling of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy.


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    Have you read Orson Scott Card’s critique?? If you go to, and look up his Civilization Watch, you might find an interesting POV